jPic WordPress Widget

What is it?

jPic WordPress Widget is a general purpose WordPress widget which shows a picture supplied by an URL.

Show me a Preview

You can see it in action at this page in a sidebar.

Download me!

You can download the latest version from the Wordpress Plugins Directory.

What do I need to install it?

  • You need to install the latest version of Wordpress
  • You need widget support (the latest version of Wordpress supports it natively; if you use an older version you can download the Widgets plugin)

How can I install it?

You need to extract the content of the archive and to copy/move the inner directory "jpic-wordpress-widget" to the wp-content/plugins folder. Make sure that the path of the main php file is wp-content/plugins/jpic-wordpress-widget/jpic.php.

How can I configure it?

You have to configure the widget from the widget itself, adding it to a sidebar from "Presentation->Widgets".


The plugin is distributed under the GPL license.